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the designer.

hi, i'm Keo!

Oh hey, bestie! Welcome to the world of Keo Bridal, where tradition meets audacity, and every gown tells a story of boldness and individuality. I’m your bridal architect, your boldness builder, and your gown-designing BFF.

From the age of 9, with needle and thread in hand, I embarked on a  self-taught sewing journey. Born and raised in Maryland, my design ethos is a tribute to all things dramatic, modern, and exquisitely intricate. My passion blossomed early, leading me to design custom evening gowns, launch collections, alter hundreds of wedding gowns and shine twice on the runways of New York Fashion Week as a ready-to-wear designer.
Here at Keo Bridal, we understand the heart of today’s modern bride - she’s daring, unapologetically herself, and craving something that sets her apart. That's why we specialize in custom gowns that celebrate you. At Keo Bridal, it’s all about precision tailoring to your unique body measurements, ensuring every bride feels confident, radiant, and utterly bad ass on her special day.
My mission? To transform your online shopping journey into an experience that's as informative, comfortable, seamless, and effortless as picking your favorite flowers. Because, in the end, it’s not just about the gown - it’s about stepping into your power, your moment and your wifey era!

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